Library Staff

Let us introduce you to the nicest people at Atwell College, the library staff…

Nicole McDonagh

Mrs Nicole McDonagh – Library Officer – Monday to Thursday

Mrs McDonagh is a qualified librarian currently studying Master of Information Studies at CSU specialising in youth librarianship. Surprise, she’s into books and does her best to get all our students reading at Atwell College.  Her favourite genres are Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Dystopian.  She is also partial to chocolate, cupcakes and anything sweet. Her secret super power is getting teenagers to read.

maree de haas

Mrs Maree de Haas – Library Officer – Wednesday to Friday

An all round library superstar, Mrs de Haas has worked in the library since 2009, so she knows just about everything. Her secret super power is student radar detection,  which means she can detect any students that are not supposed to be in the library, all day every day!  She is also a covering genius, and makes a great cheesecake.

Mrs Carolyn Henderson – Casual Library Officer

carolyn henderson1

Please meet Mrs Henderson, who frequently does relief work in the library, and is currently working on a special library project for our Ed Support Collection.   Her secret super power is the fix-it ability. From jammed up laminators to printers, she has an uncanny ability to achieve miracles with machinery. She is also a mother to three, a super-volunteer at primary and high schools, P & C committee, book club co-ordinator, covering genius and just an overachiever in everything she attempts. Also a master baker, she does the best macaroons in Perth.

Library Volunteers

We also have two lovely ladies who kindly donate their services so we can achieve library miracles, Mrs Barb Bougard and Sunretha.