Library Rules

Library Rules and Code of Conduct

We want you to enjoy the library and have fun. However, due to the size of the library space and in the interests of maximising the learning environment, the following rules must be followed:

Please wipe your feet before entering library.

Put your mobile phone/devices and hats in the storage tubs/locked boxes provided by library staff at the main library desk.

No gaming or personal email on desktop pcs. They are for research and school work only. Use is monitored.

Take your hat off in library.

Clean up after yourself.

Keep noise to a minimum.

No food and drink, especially water bottles near the laptops.

If you come to the library during class time, a signed note from your teacher must be presented to library staff. No note, you will be sent back to class.

Private study students to register name in private study book on desk each session.

No swearing or bad behaviour tolerated.

Respectful behaviour at all times to library staff, I.T. staff and teachers.

Follow instructions from library staff and teachers. Failure to comply may result in being asked to leave the library space.

Put school bags on racks outside the main library door.

If you have a class in the library, line up outside the main door quietly. Do not enter until your teacher is present.

Return your library books on time. Damaged or very overdue books will be invoiced to parents.

Look after the library resources-includes furniture and books. No sitting on desks, feet on chairs, moving furniture around.

Do not move or stack the beanbags.

Stay in your designated library area-no wandering around the library.

Respect other students who are studying and learning in the library. No harassing of other students.

Put your trash in the bins provided.

Return books to the trolleys provided. Library staff will shelve them for you.

Report laptop damage immediately to your teacher. Teachers please fill in laptop seating plan correctly and return to library staff at the end of each lesson.

Smartrider queries collections only before school, lunchtime, and after school-do not ask during class time as refusal may offend.

Enjoy your library, and ask library staff if you need assistance, we are very happy to help you.